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How did you get started ? 

I have 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist and more than 6 years as a cosmetic product developer. I am also deeply committed to living a healthy life. The first idea about creating my own beauty products came to me first in 2010, so not really in the early stages of my career. At that time I could not find the right suppliers and then other opportunities came my way and I decided to hold off until 2015, when I started researching again. My partner in life and in the company, Olof, is the Art director and he has created the beautiful branding and packaging design. So we have basically done everything from scratch from sourcing, branding, creating, developing and launching the collection in 2018.


Where do you find your inspiration? and how as this changed over time since you began to design ? 

My inspiration is my great interest in health combined with my profession as a makeup artist. My health interest has made me aware of the important microbiome that exists both in our gut and on our skin. From this insight, I naturally developed a holistic mindset of living a fully conscious and healthy life. I started being very strict in terms of what I put inside my body. I emphasize on eating natural, non-processed and organic whole foods from an evolutionary perspective. Then it was a natural step for me to care about what i put on my skin as well since it is actually our largest organ. I would rather apply products with ingredients that give moisturizing and healing benefits that works in synergy with my skin and the environment. This has not changed over time, since i continuously learn new things within health and wellbeing. I get inspired by these new learnings when i create new ideas for products.

Where did you learn your craft? 

I am self-taught regarding formulations and ingredients, but i have read a lot of literature and i am constantly learning and experimenting and creating new ideas. I always go with my gut feeling when i create new products and shades, i never listen to any trend reports or look at other brands. I just develop what i believe is the best product and shade from my point of view and experience as a makeup artist and luckily people seem to like them as much as i do.

What is your hope for the future ?

I hope people take a step back and rethink ways of producing and consuming. I really wish we will see a change towards consuming less, but better and that focus is long-lasting products. Hopefully we can see a shift for a larger interest in quality ahead of quantity. That is better for the world as a whole, since production and consuming both has an impact.

What is your main source of calm/distraction during these stressful times ?

Fortunately i have a good base of calmness within myself, i rarely get stressed. But of course this is a strange and an unusual time, but i do believe something good can come out of this eventually. For ease i take long baths or long walks in nature, that helps a lot for clearing my head and calms my mind.