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Designer Spotlight: Bonne Maison Socks




Tell us about Bonne Maison


Bonne Maison is a small company operating in 2 different locations in France. Our small team of Karline, Caroline and CEO Jean Gabriel takes care of production monitoring, administrative and commercial transactions. In Paris, the artistic aspect is handled by Béatrice. She designs the collections and organizes the photo shoots and social media images.



How did Bonne Maison get started ? 


Bonne Maison started in 2012. Our CEO Jean-Gabriel and Béatrice had worked successfully together on several projects in the accessories field and decided finally to begin their own project.


Where do they find design inspiration? and how has this changed over time since the company began ? 


As Beatrice was studying Art History in her early years she’s very inspired by paintings and art in general, and this inspiration takes more and more space in the collections. 


Where did they learn the craft of sock making and designing?


Long and informative experience on the job.


What is your hope for the future of our industry and the world in general ?


Maybe in the fashion industry the next step is less mass market, less bad working conditions, the end of fast fashion.

At Bonne Maison we pride ourselves for using very high quality natural cotton with all the appropriate certifications. The factory where we produce is in France (and a part in Portugal) and we provide a good living wage for the people working there.

It’s very important to us that our product pricing is fair.

In the world in general we expect to see less travel everywhere in the world, more local food, wine, flowers etc. We know this crisis is perhaps bad for business in general but we hope it will be good for the planet.


What has been your main source of calm/distraction during these stressful times ?


While in lockdown in a Parisian flat Beatrice is imagining the 3 next summer collection stories. Caroline and Jean-Gabriel are working from their countryside house and enjoying gardening. Karline is in Lyon with her two cats, drinking a lot of tea and binge watching Supernatural.