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Designer Spotlight: Zilla

Interview with Sylvia Pichler, designer and owner of Zilla writing from Bolzano, Italy

How did you get started?

I have been obsessed with accessories since I was a little girl. After buying all these bags I began searching for  a bag in a different material, something that was different - so I sewed my first bag out of a synthetic sponge. Later I used carpet pieces, silicone, air filters and much more. I‘m attracted by unexpected materials and their tactile qualities.  I was born into a family of architects and artists so this foray into fashion was facilitated in this way as well.

Where do you find inspiration and how has this changed over time?

There is always the research of new materials. I go to find them everywhere. I have gone to so many technical fairs all over for the last 20 years. I work frequently with different metals and I have a real love for metallic colors in general. This kind of color is not as defined as is non-metallic color. I also studied architecture for many years. Instead of designing big houses I now design on a smaller scale. If you think about it we use bags when we leave our house, so we carry around what we need outside from our home. So the bag is in a certain sense a small house . 

What is your hope/worry for the future of the your business ?

I‘m not worried about the future as I think my bags are a very niche product.  The special women that understand this unique product will still exist after this crisis is over.

What is your main source of calm and distraction during these strange, stressful times?

My two daughters and my husband provide me comfort. We have a really good time together. It is different from being on holiday but we are enjoying not being in a hurry or stressed by appointments or school.