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Introducing: Lorenza Gandaglia

Founded in the mid-nineties, The Lorenza Ganglia handbag collection is entirely handmade in Florence Italy, by a niche of skilled female artisans that traditionally create these couture quality bags.

We chose to bring this label into the shop for many reasons, not the least of which is that they are made one by one, each piece is a combination of old world crochet techniques + modern materials, and color adaptations. 

Growing up in a large Northern Italian family, Lorenza learned the traditional art of crochet from her grandmother - an artful yet practical technique that evolved from net making fisherman developed centuries ago. With an emphasis on texture, colors and stitch patterns, each is truly one of a kind.

Materials like wool, satin, raffia, metallic ribbon and mohair all align in various combinations. Simple in shape, the wow factor is certainly in the texture and bits of color that are woven in and out.

Passamanerie is the Italian trade term for upholstery trim, known for its richness and tradition combined with sophistication and durability. It is commonly used in and/or on luxurious interior furnishings, drapery, and trim for military dress uniforms with a European tradition. Our Passamanerie is made in a quality tradition at one of the oldest factories in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. This Area was settled originally by the French and became home to the Royal House of Savoy which created a demand for the luxury goods industry in this region of Europe and all of Italy. The instant popularity for this craft style mixed with fresh colors and textures naturally transpired into Lorenzas handbag and accessories collection. These elements combined have become a unique and inspirational fashion statement in our handbags and accessories.

Unmistakably every article from Lorenza Gandaglia will remain in personal collections as classics + keepsakes to compliment and augment enduring looks of quality and well known designs. Lorenza and her team of carefully chosen artisans from the regions of Tuscany and Florence, personally install within each article skill and tradition. 

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