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The Evolution of the Uniform

The digital age has undeniably made us overwhelmed and time challenged in so many ways. I can’t tell you how many times while in the shower I have fantasized about pushing a button and coming out of the shower dressed, hair dried, makeup applied and ready to go. Deciding what to wear can be pure nuisance or even at times, daunting. I find the desire for speed and ease especially true since my forties.  Don’t get me wrong – I love fashion and always will. I plan to grow old wearing pink lipstick, patterned socks and pumps. All kidding aside I don’t have the time or energy  I did when I was 20 and would try on multiple outfits, shopping for hours on end to then not think twice about buying something I might not even wear. Add to that that most of us have work, family, and current events to keep up with... exhausting.

Uniform Base - Poet Shirt & Lima Pants by Labo Art

The objective these days should be to know what looks good on you, stick with a uniform or formula that allows you to dress effortlessly in looks that work for you and allow you to not think about how you look, allowing you to face the world with poise and confidence. The end result is this: once you solidify your look you become unselfconscious and, therefore,  more powerful. Isn’t that the ultimate goal—to be in your skin and to feel like your best self  ?

St Lucia Raffia Hat

My system of dressing has evolved over the years to the point where everything in my closet works within its contents. I’m heavy in neutral colored clothing, (navy, grey black and white) while occasionally adding color in accessories. This had often become the formula that works for me. In general when setting up a uniform I suggest a few things, like purchasing pieces that dress up or dress down. For example jeans go with everything, white shirts go with everything and that is my personal starting point on most days. From there I embellish or add my own personal style with a shoe, a scarf, a hat, a bag, depending on my mood and the setting I will be in. Dressing rarely takes me more than a few minutes these days.  I like it that way.

Small Yellow Disk Pendant | Grey Swash Linen Stole

Another thing I have noticed as years go by is that the feel of the fabric or material matters to me far more than it did when I was younger. I want garments to feel like they are second skin, soft, sensual and  to feel flattering but not tight or constrictive, ultimately buying less but buying better quality that lasts. 

White AB48 Tote | Black Basket Bag

You would be correct in assuming that Roztayger is an extension of this personal philosophy. I tend to gravitate towards items that feel unique but in a quiet way. If something is too loud or too trendy I’m not going to wear it without deliberation or second thoughts. Of course we all need a few crazy fun pieces – but that is not my mission here at the shop. I try to find for my clients timeless pieces that have a bit of edge that will be longtime standouts, slightly offbeat staples that you keep in your closet for years. These items  are meant to work in many scenarios: at home, at work, when you travel, especially because traveling lightly and feeling comfortable is key to a trip's success.