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Packing for a Warm Climate

From Elizabeth—
My husband grew up in Greece so I’ve been making an annual trip to see his family for as long as I have been married and a bit before – roughly 18 years!   Of course, I’ve learned  a few things over the years. If you are headed anywhere hot and dry this summer my personal thought process for packing might apply to you.

One thing I have come to understand well, is you never need as much as you think you do. It’s hot and very casual in the islands. For a 2-3 week trip to start you will likely need two or three bathing suits. (I hate shopping for suits and I buy one every 4-5 years and call it a day so I usually invest in one from Malia Mills. They are flattering, made in great colors and embrace all body types.)

I always bring a lot of white lightweight tops:  tshirts in cotton and linen that can wash easily and dry overnight if need be. Loose clothing is absolute key in crazy heat. I also adore these dresses by Matta and always grab one like this model for these trips.

I can't highlight enough how a good hat is essential to keeping the heat at bay; I’ll be packing my Lola Megaphone. It packs flat in my case and is ready to snap into place at a moments notice.

SPF is an obsession of mine. For body I always go to Elta Md. But for the face I love Suntegrity avail at Ayla Beauty. It's an all natural product that provides coverage to even out skin tone. I find that keeping makeup minimal is key. 1-2 lipsticks and all over color with a mascara and highlighter is a great pared down look. Manasi7 provides some lovely options for natural, elegant makeup options.

A lightweight durable tote like one from Palorosa works for daily trips around to the beach and back. It's cute how it appears at first glance to be a straw tote but upon closer inspection its much more durable as its plastic! Finally, for slightly dressed up evenings out I suggest a fun sparkly clutch like this to fit in perfectly and is easy to pack.

—Happy Summer Traveling Friends!