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Le Yuccas

Shoe label Le Yucca's, the conception of Yucca Murase, brings this Japanese designer’s singular, overtly modern style to life via time-honored, traditional Italian manufacture in the city of Bologna, Italy. Each stage of production, from choice of material through to final finishing, is carefully considered by Yucca and her team, with particular thought given to how each element of the process may help give the shoe a unique and particular character.

Given the beauty of her designs, one may be surprised to learn that Yucca’s first experiences of shoe design, back in the early ‘80s, were in the technical field, where she worked for Nike, Dunlop and Bridgestone among others. By 1989 she had opened her own studio in Italy and was now honing her skills by working for such labels as Vivienne Westwood and Gianfranco Ferré; a stark contrast to the functional emphasis of her previous employers. Yet Yucca came to draw on all of her wide-ranging experience when she finally launched her Le Yucca ladies collection in 2000, followed by a men’s line in 2003. Both are proudly hand-crafted at Bologna's prestigious Enzo Bonafé factory.





Le Yuccas
Black Karena Brogue