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What Our Clients Are Saying

I was fortunate to discover Roztayger during the pandemic, and oh what a difference it has made! I don't understand how Elizabeth figures us out over web orders and emails, but she immediately understood my style desires, what fit well and what I have always wanted to create for my daily uniform.

She has an unerring eye for creating an online space that is a wonderment of delight, and the hardest thing is not to buy one of everything! She also builds great trust and you know you can just go for it with anything you select--it will be wonderful quality, and her fit advice is always so good! How does she do it, she chooses unusual, gorgeous, long-wearing items, advises each of us personally and makes it all so much fun!

I am always thrilled when I see that distinctively packed box on my doorstep, and I am over the moon with my Roztayger purchases, *all* of which are in the daily rotation

Sandhya Seattle, WA

How does Roztayger know me so well?
I am possessed of an eye of a certain age; I am too impatient to climb escalators and wait for dressing rooms; I tend to look past the overly familiar designers—their bags and tees and earrings and scarves, their dresses and trousers and jackets and coats—available everywhere. I know better every day what I like: chic, comfort, the thrill of a unique find. I am hungry for quiet craftsmanship and offhand luxury. Cashmere and comfortable and one-of-a kind are words I’m drawn to. I’ve been finding such pieces at Roztayger for many years now. Elizabeth has always seemed to know me. Her designers—French, Japanese, Italian and more—meet my eye and challenge it. Then they arrive at my door beautifully packaged, timely delivered. (Sometimes there are socks.) And here’s the beauty part: Elizabeth calls, like a friend might, to see if it worked, if you love it. You will meet her one day (don’t ask how, the universe makes the arrangements) and realize she actually is a friend.

Lesley New York City, NY

Roztayger is my to-go place shopping for bags, scarves and Chimala jeans; Elizabeth has a great collection of independent European and Japanese designers, including ‘Tiane Tenui, Tsatsas, Bonastre, Douce Gloire, Chimala and Le Yucca's. If you care about craftsmanship, design and quality, this is the place for you. I always trust Elizabeth's style suggestions, her fashion sense and great taste, plus, her passion and dedication to seek out new and undiscovered brands while being so supportive for local-run brands works for me. The experience stands outs as she adds a personal touch to any inquiries.

Andrea D Arlington, MA

Why do I shop with Roztayger?
I am skeptical. I am picky. And even though my day job is in the fashion business, surprisingly, I don't enjoy shopping. What does light me up, however, is a well-expressed and thoughtful point of view. Roztayger is a good example of this. The website is beautifully rendered with appealing photography and smart informative copy. Its focused assortment feels like every item chosen was a deliberate decision, done by a human who wants to delight, not by committee or a logarithm. Roztayger is an escape from a hum drum day and a pleasure to shop.

Kitty New York City, NY

I can't wait to click on the new arrivals to see what unique items are listed! I have purchased many bags and scarves and love them. The quality is superb; I love the fact that several lines carried, are only sold here. But what is extra special to me, is the excellent customer service. Elizabeth, the owner, is always available to help with purchasing decisions. I have specially ordered and she goes above + beyond to get exactly what you seek. All my purchases arrive in a timely manner and are carefully packed – I highly recommend this shop if you are looking for something unique and of high quality!

Anna New Canaan, CT

My online quest for elevated basics led me to Roztayger. I love, love, love the selection of exclusive accessories. The maker stories of the products are compelling and I feel like I am supporting small batch, ethical companies. Not to mention that the customer service cannot be beat!

Kathy G Seattle, WA

When I am looking for well made bags and other hard-to-find items like my newly acquired cashmere and linen scarf, I go to Roztayger knowing I'll find something delightful. In today's world of disposable fashion, it's nice to know I can find well crafted, unique items that are current and will stand the test of time.

Maggie Lake Oswego, OR

Roztayger has a unique and beautifully curated collection of clothing, jewelry and leather goods. Customer service is excellent and reliable, even in an international setting. And Elizabeth's personal attention makes the whole experience a pleasure!"

Martine M Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

I know that whenever I visit Roztayger I will find a great edit of each season's current pieces. But two other things are just as important to me: the authenticity of the craftsmanship by the designers stocked by Roztayger, and the founder's personal approach to her relationships with her customers. Elizabeth has helped me discover many small artisans, from around the world, that I would not have found without her. In the world of global online shopping, this is a welcome change from impersonal shopping experiences and "cookie-cutter" fast fashion.

Jane M Toorak, Australia

I've been a Roztayger fan since I made my first purchase in 2011, and every single item purchased — whether a bag, cosmetic case, wallet, key fob, or piece of jewelry — has been absolutely perfect. You can tell the collection was put together by a master curator with an eye for detail: they're the types of exquisite goods that others notice and remark on for their obvious quality, beauty, and uniqueness. (Above and beyond that, they're beautifully practical: zippers and pockets are in all the right places and everything is just the right size.)

Dara K San Francisco, CA

I love shopping on Roztayger because of the uniqueness of the brands. I have not been able to find the same quality, beauty and luxury on any other online store or brick-in-mortar with similar price points. Plus Elizabeth is amazing at giving her advice on what product would suit you best. She has sent me additional pictures of items so that I could see if something would fit in a bag I am interested in and that level of service is just unheard of, especially for an online store. I know if you buy something here you won't be disappointed.

Michelle F Orlando, FL

I have been collecting beautiful and unique bags, scarves, shoes, and clothing from Roztayger since the inception of the business. Collecting is the apt description, because the pieces are curated by the owner like art. Her palette is refined by her broad background in fashion, art history and world travel. I find creative inspiration on a daily basis from following @Roztayger and from their selections in my wardrobe which are my most prized and complemented wearables.

Karen Raleigh, NC

I first learned about Roztayger in a Wall Street Journal story positively reviewing a travel bag. Roztayger was mentioned as one of the few U.S.-based retailers selling the bag. That in a nutshell epitomizes Roztayger’s offerings: must-have, limited-availability, and uniquely tasteful, stylish pieces. With out fail, practically every purchase from Roztayger elicits admiring comments from friends and strangers. This speaks to Elizabeth’s eye for design and character. I have come to rely on Roztayger as my first online stop when shopping for clothing, jewelry, bags, scarves, and shoes. Now, years since I discovered Roztayger, I see that my most-used items in my closet have one thing in common: Elizabeth and her well-sourced finds.

Carina Pound Ridge, NY

I love Roztayger's carefully curated collection of handbags, scarves and shoes. Elizabeth has items in her store that I can’t find anywhere else. Not only does she have impeccable taste and amazing customer service, she is also a great person. Imagine my surprise when I ordered a one-of-a-kind Luisa Cervese Riedizoni handbag and she hand delivered it to me because we live in the same town!
It’s great to have a store that so closely fits my own taste. Roztayger is my go-to when looking to up my cozy scarf game, or finding that perfect Yoshida and Porter travel bag. Elizabeth is always adding new designers to her website which always keeps things fresh.

Sarah P. Los Gatos, CA

My introduction to Roztayger was a local popup shop in which the design-savvy Elizabeth Jeffer brought a sampling of her exquisitely curated online collection. I confess to being a handbag (and scarf) junkie. There is no one size fits all when it comes to day bag, evening bag, travel bag, colorful clutch or pouch you didn’t know you needed until you saw it on Roztayger. (Shoes are a story all their own.) What impressed me most, and still impresses me, is Elizabeth’s eye for finding designers you don’t see on every other fashion website. What keeps me coming back is the ever-expanding range of unique, beautifully made accessories and clothing, coupled with the personal touch when it comes to customer service. All of which makes Roztayger a cut above the rest in the world of online shopping.

Deborah New York City, NY