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Fall Favorites September 2019

Fall is always the time of year I feel less guilty about investing in a few new luxury items, especially as they feel for use of a better term worth it. Personally I am drawn to pieces like cashmere sweaters, jeans, and cozy coats. There are some amazing pieces in the shop right now and more coming in soon. Since I personally pick everything to stock the shelves here at Roztayger, there is nothing I dislike, but I’ll go ahead and share a few favorites and speak to some of the things landing in the coming weeks. I'll be in NYC this coming week buying for Spring 2020, and likely will have a few of these things in tow. 

Bags: I’m most definitely taking a velvet tote from Zilla. I have always had a predisposition towards velvet and this tote is such a great everyday size,  the colors are such a rich jewel tones and I love the texture Zilla always incorporates into their pieces which lends a bit of a vintage, one of a kind feel. Irresistible!  *Unfortunately the shop is sold out but have no fear! A restock is coming late September.  If you want to reserve a unit you can pre-pay.  Feel free to contact me at

Sweaters: Oyuna pieces are something I never regret owning. The feel of their garments is absolute luxury.  The design is always modern and just a touch edgy, and I love the jewelry type logo that shows up on the back of the neck. Something about details on the backside of garments always entices me. I love the honey color they added for a pop to their usual classics.

Shoes: I’m getting in some fanciful shoes from Esquivel later in the season as well as a few unisex styles from Steve Mono. From what's in stock currently: I do always spread the word about Le Yucca’s. An investment – but – utterly worth it if you're able. Read: You can easily get a decade of wear out of these. I get shipments about once a year if I am lucky, as they are limited runs and sell through quickly. If you are interested in these beauties, I highly recommend you take the plunge now before they're gone.

Clothing: I’m expecting Chimala, Pipsqueak Chapeau, Louiza Babouryan (edgy, romantic mix of tulle, stain, and knits) and more Lis Lareida (puffers and some novetly shirts due in soon) - all lovely collections. I can’t wait to play with the new fabrics: denim mixed with knits and lovely silk charmeuse, tulle and soft boiled wool. This white shirt from Lis Lareida is quite amazing and also comes in navy if you are up to you ears in white shirts. The fabric is heavenly and coupled with the menswear details makes this a worthwhile wardrobe update. Also, loving this red shirt (comes in white poplin too), the details on this Sara Lanzi design are just perfect. Useful and unique - my favorite mix.  These menswear styled trousers by Hope are so cool and comfy.  Such a flattering cut for most body types.
Coats: Stand teddy bear Camila coats are due to land soon. So excited! Colors will be nougat, light pink, sky blue and black; I can’t wait for these. A fun, chic look but you’ll feel like you are in your bathrobe!! Matching Lola totes in that teddy bear material will accompany the coats. Look for leopard, black and dusty pale pink.

Scarves: These new camoflauge-like prints from Botto are really nice. I’m sold out of this colorway but just so you know - more are on the way. For solids I love this soft grey diamond scarf.  I expect  a slew of punchy graphic prints from Jo Gordon to land this week as well. Small scarves to big sizes, mittens and caps.

Jewelry: I have a thing for faceting… makes me think of "I Dream of Jeannie" for some reason. Oh the joy of  imagining being in that pink wonderland bottle. I love these green faceted topaz earrings from Percent Jewelry. Perfect as a Fall foil color to all kinds of neutrals. Also I love these supple, sexy bracelets from Tiane Tenui. I wear my grey knot all the time, (not in the shower however). If you prefer a simpler style for everyday go for the cuff in any of the solids.


Travel Piece: I love this Weekender from Southern Field Industries, a solid workhorse bag for a weekend away or just for a good schlep-about-town kind of day.

Beauty: Last but not least - LOVE this all over color from Manasi7. This blue red works wonderfully for my coloring but it seems like it would work for a lot of people. The Ikura is lovely if you prefer more of a warm red.


I'm headed to Spring 2020 market in NYC this week. If you have time, feel free to follow me on instagram @roztayger and/or @elizjeffer and comment as I post a few product highlights of the trip. 

As a small shop one thing that would help me immensely is to hear from you who shop or browse with me. I would love to know what you are looking for, what you like or don't like about the shop, or other honest feedback on what products might suit you. Being online only is often existing in a silent space. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!