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Helena Thulin

The Helena Thulin brand is named after its founder Helena, an alumni of the Studio Bercot in Paris. Helena worked for Chloe, Sonia Rykiel and Simone Rocha before settling under her own name. The brand invokes a modern botanical study. Flowers and their fragility inspired Helena to design simple and delicate jewels using beading techniques reminiscent of her childhood leisures.

"I wanted to introduce the beading techniques and savoir-faire behind the process to a larger audience and turn what is commonly seen as a simple practice into something of a greater magnitude and nobility."

The earrings and rings are made of a meticulous combination of high quality glass crystals and glass beads that are carefully selected and put together in her atelier in Paris. 





Helena Thulin
Freesia Hybrida Minimus Earrings


Helena Thulin
Silene Crema Earring


Helena Thulin
Erica Vestita Spectrum Ring


Helena Thulin
Silene Crema Minimus Earring


Helena Thulin
Dahlia Narum Minimus Earrings