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Antonello 's personal story ties directly to his native Sardinia and is implicit and integral to his handbag collection. A large component of the Antonello story also ties to his heartfelt desire to preserve as well as advance craft skills that are at risk of disappearing due to globalization and the proliferation of mass-production.

Antonello ’s interest in luxury fashion, retail and product development dates back to his economics degree in Italy where he begun to concentrate on research for a dissertation he was doing on luxury fashion. After graduating he went on to study at the London College of Fashion where his love and fascination with hand crafted luxury collections continued to evolve. He began to research old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops. He then started to develop a range of handbags insipired by the fabrics his grandmother and his mother had grown up with.

The decision to experiment with Sardinian hand-woven fabrics (produced in ethically managed factories & workshops entirely managed by women) resulted in the debut in 2012 of Antonello's exclusive 'eco luxury' line of accessories that uses sustainable yarns made from naturally dyed Sardinian wools and regenerated-recycled cotton. As you wil see the color ranges are painterly and sophisticated and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Many Intriguing details can be found from the contrasting hand woven linings and thread tassel pulls to the clever mix and play of woven arrays and patterns. Each bag is unique and made in very limited quantities.



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