New In: Sofie D'Hoore, Reticule, Apuntob, Sylvain le Hen, Manasi7 + Ina Seifart


Reticule is the brainchild of its founder Rachel Honickman whose 23 year career working with rugs and textiles was a jumping off point for her unique bag line. In 2017, Rachel set upon her vision to create high quality, functional pieces that minimize waste of materials and packaging while being stylish and artful.
While gaining perspective and inspiration from traveling, Rachel thrives on the vibrant energy of her hometown, New York City. The Collection is constructed entirely in Manhattan's Garment District. Each piece is made using Italian Leather, while 97% of the additional elements are designed, sourced, and crafted in the US.  The unique brass hardware on each piece is hand cast in Rhode Island and is a nod to a family heirloom Rachel happened upon during Covid. 
Founded in 2017 | Based in NYC