Alumnae is a collection of chic women's footwear with a refined tomboy spirit, designed by Sigerson Morrison alumnae Kari Sigerson and Eliza Alexson - Chidney. The brand offers the quintessential wardrobe of clean, understated shoes with enduring Italian Craft.
The collection presents a well-edited selection of essential pieces for those who understand that style transcends fashion and subtleties of detail and quality will stand the test of time.

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Ampersand as Apostrophe

A native of Detroit and now Seattle-based designer, Jessica Park was inspired to make her first bag out of sheer captivation of an "as-chance-would-have-it" material. It was the look of something conventional dying to be transformed in a truly unconventional way. Soon after, Ampersand as Apostrophe, a fashion accessories brand known for it's smart wit, eco-friendly ways and innovative approach to design, was launched.

Park graduated from Architecture School with a major in Interior Design. So it was instinctual for her to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function. Her innate respect for utility and the structural know-how to identify good design in life's most common, yet overlooked wonders is what she believes links style and conceptual sophistication. Part rustic, part design-conscious glossy chic, her rich aesthetic take you to both ends of the spectrum and back again.

Ampersand As Apostrophe – read aloud, this phrase reveals itself as three commonly recognized symbols. In addition, equal to, and multiples of. Each defines itself as a method of transformation, the means to an end. By spelling these symbols out in full, the recognized suddenly becomes unrecognized. Their raw qualities are exposed and therefore abstracted, unveiling their honest, and undiscovered beauty.

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Anne Grand-Clement

Anne Grand-Clément stands for simple and intelligent luxury. Born in North Africa in the 1960s, she studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris in the ’80s and in the following decade went on to design for Tod's and Cacharel while simultaneously developing her own brand "ursule beaugeste”: a collection of luxurious, bohemian-esque bags with a devoted cult following. These days she divides her time between Paris, Italy and Morocco. It is in India, however, that for her new eponymous brand she collaborates with local artisans in an effort to preserve their craft while creating exquisite pouches intended to embellish everyday life.

The pouches are disarming in their simplicity. Made entirely by hand, each piece reflects the labor of one embroiderer whose singular skill has been passed down the generations. This handmade process creates tiny “accidents”, scarcely discernible to the layman, that only elevate the beauty of the pouch while rendering it truly one of a kind.
Beauvais-stitched in viscose or metallic thread, the pouches shimmer with motifs in iridescent tones. The silk satin interiors include artfully designed pockets in which to hide little secrets among loose change and credit cards. Eminently practical, the pouches are designed to slide easily into a large tote or swing arm's length for a cool couture allure. In the evening they play as micro-bags, thanks to a removable small chain.

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Antonello 's personal story ties directly to his native Sardinia and is implicit and integral to his handbag collection. A large component of the Antonello story also ties to his heartfelt desire to preserve as well as advance craft skills that are at risk of disappearing due to globalization and the proliferation of mass-production.

Antonello ’s interest in luxury fashion, retail and product development dates back to his economics degree in Italy where he begun to concentrate on research for a dissertation he was doing on luxury fashion. After graduating he went on to study at the London College of Fashion where his love and fascination with hand crafted luxury collections continued to evolve. He began to research old weaving techniques and visiting Sardinian weaving workshops. He then started to develop a range of handbags insipired by the fabrics his grandmother and his mother had grown up with.

The decision to experiment with Sardinian hand-woven fabrics (produced in ethically managed factories & workshops entirely managed by women) resulted in the debut in 2012 of Antonello's exclusive 'eco luxury' line of accessories that uses sustainable yarns made from naturally dyed Sardinian wools and regenerated-recycled cotton. As you wil see the color ranges are painterly and sophisticated and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Many Intriguing details can be found from the contrasting hand woven linings and thread tassel pulls to the clever mix and play of woven arrays and patterns. Each bag is unique and made in very limited quantities.

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Bonastre is a Parisian-contemporary brand that features sumptuous vegetable leather bags and accessories suitable for both men and women. This environmentally friendly collection has been handcrafted using natural, non-treated cattle hides in accordance with ancient vegetable processes. Made in Spain, Bonastre celebrates the wonder of the handmade and the contemporary reinterpretation of tradition. Its designs revel in the uniqueness of each item and reflect the desire to create products that will last and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The Bonastre bag is at once radical in its purity, pleasing in its effects and nonchalant in its appearance; it is elegant, timeless and essential.

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Bonne Maison

Launched in 2012 by Béatrice de Crécy and Jean-Gabriel Huez, Bonne Maison is a culmination of 20 years spent within product development and brand identity work. Core values of the brand are based around finding the right yarn, using the right colors and patterns, as well as providing stylish design. Bonne Maison selects high quality Egyptian cotton which is then spun in Italy and includes being double threaded for optimal strength and longevity. The yarns are custom dyed for Bonne Maison which is key to refining their pattern development each season. Made in France.

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botto giuseppe

Revered by those in the know for its pure cashmere and silk-cashmere scarves and stoles, the Botto Giuseppe story stretches back to 1876 when young textile worker with ambition Botto Giuseppe invested in a couple of looms and established a mill in northern Italy's Valle Strona region. Steadily growing to take control of its entire supply chain has enabled the company to develop proprietary handcrafting techniques giving a distinctive handle, with many items individually dyed and finished.

Botto Giuseppe's signature piece is from a collection they call "Pin 1876." It is a new line of accessories the is hand loomed, without seams and delightfully light and soft - offering the wearer numerous ways to wear. Signor Giuseppe himself may have passed in 1928, but his company remains firmly in family hands with his third and fourth generation sons and heirs proudly overseeing its continued expansion.

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Launched in the Summer of 2005 by designer Noriko Machida, Chimala introduced it’s first collection for Spring/Summer 06. Based in NYC, all garments are made in Japan from Japanese fabrics. By design, the collections share a large amount of unisex styles each season, with a focus on androgyny within her women’s collections. A rarity for women’s denim lines, Noriko specifically only utilizes authentic selvedge denim woven on pre-WWII vintage selvedge looms.

This label is typically hard to find, with a limited amount of stockists worldwide. Chimala creates its look by pursuing the best fabrics of the highest quality and by obtaining the most sophisticated skills in production from the finest Japanese artisans. Only the finest, most skilled artisans are employed to create the line, and each garment is hand distressed with hand-repaired details.

Design inspirations are mostly from 50’s-70’s daily wear. Chimala is the name of an imaginary mountain in the Himalayas and also means “beauty” in Native American. Noriko collects vintage pieces to recreate and replicate the pieces, closely following vintage styles to replicate the look, color, fit, and feel of the era. Details like repair techniques, buttons, and even materials are all carried over into Chimala’s designs.

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Beppe Garbaccio began his fashion career in 1989 after graduating from school. After spending an 18 year career in luxury textile and fashion Beppe launched Destin in 2007. Destin can be found in over 350 of the most fashionable stores all over the world. Destin's vision is to create scarves that are both luxurious and wearable, with a unisex and unfussy beauty about them. The touch is always soft, modern but never cold. Fabrics are exceptional with highly unique detailling and texture.

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Douce Gloire

Born in a family of renowned glove makers, Inès Lafarge was immersed in her childhood in a universe of fashion, noble materials and colors, influenced by the courage and tenacity of her mother. By observing, she was able to conquer Parisian fashion houses and acquire a sense of irreproachable quality, which is essential to the manufacture of the Douce Gloire designs.

Douce Gloire is also the story of an encounter. In 2006, Inès flew to Nepal in order to meet the suppliers of the glove maker's family House. Fond of traveling since an early age, Inès not only discovered a country but also the traditional savoir-faire of cashmere manufacturing; she realized the real potential behind it.

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Gabriela Artigas

Founded in 2003, the eponymous Los Angeles-based jewelry line by Gabriela and Teresita Artigas embraces the beauty in complexity: pieces range from delicately minimalist earrings with sharp extruding tusks to boldly architectural necklaces tied with leather ribbon.

Working with fine materials such as 14 karat gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, designer Gabriela and her sister Teresita sell their boldly minimalist jewelry to discerning boutiques around the world.

As influenced by their roots in Mexico City's the sisters are by contemporary culture (grandfather Francisco was noted modernist architect and friends range from rock musicians to restauranteurs), Gabriela Artigas creates "everyday statement jewelry" -- pieces that are remarkably easy to wear and effortlessly transition from the office to the stage, and anywhere the adventurous modern woman might go.

Gabriela Artigas’s pieces are handcrafted in California, the production is a representation not just of the sisters aesthetic and dedication to quality, but also of the way in which they live. Most of the pieces are conceived and built under the same roof; while the production numbers tend to hover in the dozen. A piece’s production cycle is rarely continued after its initial run, by keeping numbers low they are forced into perpetual reinvention. A reinvention not dictated by the fashion cycle of summer, winter and cruise collections but by a slower and thorough commitment towards craft.

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Henry Cuir

Henry Cuir is a niche brand that came about from the instinct of its creator Henri Beguelin. He works by taking inspiration from everyday life and the beauty of nature as conveyed thru everyday objects.
The leathers mostly come from Tuscany and the manufacturing is done completely and exclusively in the Vigevano factory/workshop. The workshop is where Henry Cuir's bags and accessories come to life, acquire a soul and become truly unique. The skill set used - special to this way of making products, renders each piece unique in subtle ways.

The Henry Cuir collection isn't merely about fashion. It is a philosophy that came about from an approach to leather consisting of instinct, intuition and the poetry of creation. This process begins with choosing the best leather by touch and feel. The aroma of the leather pervades in a sensual and profound way. The making of the bags is truly that of handcraft. Machines do not interfere with the process. Henry and Fumiko, his partner in life and work - think, dream, live and create the entire Henry Cuir collection along with their long-serving staff. It is a straightforward collection with a familiar appearance and elegant details that are timeless. The aim is for the client to use and enjoy these pieces season after season as they become increasingly beautiful, personal and intimate.

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I Love Mr. Mittens

I Love Mr. Mittens is an Antwerp based company, epitomizing the notion of quality over quantity. Run by Belgium born Stéphanie Caulier, the brand is an exploration of her childhood passion for knitting, a true labour of love built up over the years and from small beginnings of knitting for family and friends.

Playfully comfortable, the label is firmly based upon community and sustainability whilst maintaining a timeless aesthetic that is reflected in the brands select group of stockists around the world. Hand knitted primarily with 100% pure wool, each piece is supremely soft and knitted in a mix of chunky cables and different stitches that fall in line with her love of fashion. Due to the fact that each piece is entirely knot by hand, each item is unique and has subtle differences, further adding to the charm of the brand.

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Il Bisonte

In 1970, eclectic soul of the brand, Wanny Di Filippo, set up his company in the workshop at Palazzo Corsini in the very heart of Florence. Over the years, the company has grown remarkably. Moving from the original artisanal laboratory in Florence, to a larger, modern factory in the countryside. The company has maintained its original style and the traditional, handmade artisanship that is its trademark. To this day, each piece is produced from start to finish in our own factory.

Il Bisonte is known for its exclusive cowhide leather, as it has always been the preferred material of the collection. Thanks to vegetable tanning, a traditional process handed down through generations of Tuscan experts, the ‘vacchetta’ cowhide is transformed into long-lasting material, acquiring unique qualities over time. Tannin is the active ingredient that is mostly found in the trunk of Chestnut trees that, when combined with our exclusive leather cream, allows the skin to become soft, resistant, and to acquire the typical leathery scent. Depending on how the Il Bisonte object is uniquely used, the natural vacchetta will darken over time and gain a highly desirable patina.

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Le Yuccas

Shoe label Le Yucca's, the conception of Yucca Murase, brings this Japanese designer’s singular, overtly modern style to life via time-honored, traditional Italian manufacture in the city of Bologna, Italy. Each stage of production, from choice of material through to final finishing, is carefully considered by Yucca and her team, with particular thought given to how each element of the process may help give the shoe a unique and particular character.

Given the beauty of her designs, one may be surprised to learn that Yucca’s first experiences of shoe design, back in the early ‘80s, were in the technical field, where she worked for Nike, Dunlop and Bridgestone among others. By 1989 she had opened her own studio in Italy and was now honing her skills by working for such labels as Vivienne Westwood and Gianfranco Ferré; a stark contrast to the functional emphasis of her previous employers. Yet Yucca came to draw on all of her wide-ranging experience when she finally launched her Le Yucca ladies collection in 2000, followed by a men’s line in 2003. Both are proudly hand-crafted at Bologna's prestigious Enzo Bonafé factory.

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Maison Louis Marie

In 1792 Louis Marie Aubert du Petit Thouars was a pioneer in French botanical history. During the French revolution, he was exiled to Madagascar, La Reunion and the Mauritius islands where he discovered a vast array of plant specimens. Ten years later and bearing a collection of over 2000 plants Louis Marie was finally able to return to France where he was elected a member of the prestigious Academie des Sciences.

200 hundred years later...As a young girl, Marie du Petit Thouars grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with scents in her mother’s green house. With the creation of Maison Louis Marie, she has built upon the rich botanical history of her family with luxury candles and perfumes that focus on illustrious scents imbued with unique floral fragrances.

Maison Louis Marie composes delicate scents to enchant
your lifestyle; a floral tradition since 1792...

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Mari Giudicelli

Mari Giudicelli’s eponymous line is inspired by the desire to lead a less cluttered life by focusing on the essentials. With a subtle nod to retro, her collection embodies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, materials and details. The leathers borrow traits from a range of historical influences and are combined with modern shapes and materials. The result is a contemporary expression that offers a nostalgic connection while maintaining its overarching sense of modernity.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Mari Giudicelli is a model and footwear designer who had her work featured in respected industry publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, L’officiel, 032c, Elle, InStyle, W Magazine, Glamour, Man Repeller and WGSN.

Mari Giudicelli shoes are produced in a family-run factory in her native Brazil. They are the perfect blend of comfort, style and ease of use.

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Maryam Nassir Zadeh

Originally from Iran, Maryam Nassir Zadeh grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from Rhode Island School of Design before moving back to LA to design her namesake ready to wear collection from 2002 to 2007. Nassir Zadeh then moved to New York to receive an associate’s degree in Fashion Studies at Parsons in 2006, before opening her designer boutique in the Lower East Side with her husband Uday Kak in 2008.

Launching her ready to wear and footwear collection in Spring 2013 Maryam Nassir Zadeh's namesake collection is based on her life as a mother and career woman. Nassir Zadeh draws inspiration from her international perspective as an Iranian born, American raised woman with family in India and Mexico and her inherent love of world travel. The origin of her vision when designing is the profound connectivity of it all. Design connects the balance of energy and patience used in the many expressive roles she takes on.

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pb 0110

The unique aroma of vegetable-tanned natural leather hides and the robust feel of bales of linen are among PB 0110 founder Philipp Bree’s earliest memories. In 1970, the year before he was born, his parents founded the BREE bag company with production initially took place in the family living room. In 1998 Philipp and his brother took over management of the now globally acclaimed family firm, and in 2013 he debuted his own, eponymous PB 0110 (the digits signify his birth date) line in Berlin and Paris.

Philipp Bree believes passionately in the significance of beloved objects; in things which develop character through daily use and so become essential companions over time. In keeping with this philosophy PB 0110 produces bags and accessories using materials that possess such qualities: vegetable-tanned natural leather, pure linen and brass. PB 0110‘s exquisite bags and accessories are conceived by a small team of hand-picked designers (the initials in each product name refer to the designer), then crafted by revered European manufacturers boasting generations of expertise.

"Twenty-five years ago my father gave me a travel bag of natural leather,” recalls Philipp. “I still carry it to this day and have learned to treasure it, just as one might care for a wonderful object that grows close to their hearts and accompanies them throughout the years. It is for this reason that I founded PB 0110."

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A bit of background on Porter: Kichizo Yoshida founded the company in 1918 in Tokyo and continued with bag manufacturing until he was 88 years old. Central to their identity and continuing to this day the corporate logo is “heart and soul into every stitch – We believe Japanese craftsmen’s skills are No. 1 in the world. “ Porter goods continue to be designed and made in Japan and the impeccable quality and design sense confirms this. Today Yoshida's 2nd son runs the business while the leaders of the design team Susumu Hasegawa (orginally from Comme des Garcons) and Ko Kuwhahata "continue the theme of integrity - integrating the cutting edge of the times.” The line is vast with many styles and divisions. The Tanker, Smoky, Dual and Heat collection shown here at roztayger are among those that have been the most popular over time with the Porter following.

In English, Porter means “a person employed to carry luggage and supplies”. In French, Porter is a verb, meaning “to carry” and “prêt-a-porter” means “ready-to-wear” or fashionable outfits. The synergy at such levels of its meaning makes Porter an apt name for the collection.

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satomi kawakita

Born and raised in Japan but now NYC-based, Satomi Kawakita is steadily making a name for herself as a jewelry designer and diamond setter. Strongly influenced by her dressmaker mother, while growing up Satomi was fascinated by design and absorbed in creating things for herself. This passion led her Kyoto’s Saga Art College where she studied wood, metal, clay and textile design-creation. While a student she became enchanted by the art of glass blowing and after graduation worked under glass artist Takeshi Tsujino.

Subsequently she taught herself how to create glass bead-based jewelry, and in 2008 established her ‘Satomi Kawakita Jewelry’ line which was quickly taken on by stores all over Japan. Satomi’s work combines a delicate and distinctive, very organic sense of beauty with impeccable craftsmanship. She deeply appreciates the mystique and infinite beauty to be found in natural gems, minerals and metals, and resolutely aspires to turn these materials into wearable pieces of jewelry.

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southern field industries

Southern Field Industries is situated amid hills in Japan’s Saitama region, where in a small workplace husband-and-wife team Manabu and Keiko Okada, together with a few kindred spirits, design and create canvas bags and accessories that are functional, cleanly designed and plenty durable enough for the rough and tumble of both urban and outdoor life.

Throughly dedicated to the process from start to finish, natural inspiration is never in short supply as the team works with a view out over the fields that gave the label its name. Close attention is paid to even the most minute detailing, with Manabu drawing upon the expertise and craftsmanship he amassed while working for his father’s equestrian goods company prior to founding Southern Field Industries in 2008. Old faithful tools and sewing machines from his father’s former factory are now in service in the SFI workshop.

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Steve Mono

Steve Mono is a contemporary Spanish brand founded in 2007 with the aim of reinterpreting classic bags, accessories, and other small leather goods for a modern lifestyle. Influenced by travel, work culture, utility, movies, their own Spanish heritage and appreciation for the old, they continue to focus on designing essential items for every day and every journey. Each collection is timeless, functional and sustainable. Made in Spain with every step from tanning to packaging carried out entirely in-house, an artisanal construction process combines with the overarching design philosophy to create items that become more uniquely personal with the passage of time.

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StudioSarah is a Luxury, British stationery brand, created by London-based designer Sarah Silver. Combining an enduring love of paper goods with a subtle eye for detail, StudioSarah was launched in 2013, bringing timeless, elegant stationery to the forefront.

Inspired by modern and graceful design across fashion, interiors and art, Sarah has brought these influences together to create her stylish collection of greeting cards, notebooks and stationery accessories.

Mixing fine materials with a signature gold touch, the emphasis is on quality and finish, and all StudioSarah products are FSC certified and proudly made in England.

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Tiane Tenui

Tiane Tenui is the culmination of Founder Christiane’s experience within the fashion industry, her deep appreciation for beautiful materials and a tactile exploration in refined simplicity. Exclusively creating custom pieces for each client—every single cut, stitch, tiny internal knot tied or seam sewn is completed by Christiane herself, one single piece at a time, taking however long is needed to create perfection. This is the definition of slow craft.

Christiane Smit has spent years placed firmly within the fashion industry. Beginning at an early age observing her mother making clothing and accompanying her to fabric stores creating objects became second nature. She spent a number of years traveling abroad and engaging with various cultures always searching for treasures; it is a vital part of who she is. Later, working in fashion with Japanese designers, she learned the importance of every last detail and why creating from the very best materials she can find is so instrumental to her ethos.

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Trademark is a line of elevated, everyday staples of the perfect uniform, essentials designed to be worn as one's own signature. The Trademark woman is colorful, confident, distinctive. She has her own unique voice and is unapologetically intellectual and elegant - unafraid of her own personal style.

Each collection is built to reflect the brand's enduring interest in American minimalist art and the timelessness of good design. Within the label you will find decidedly vintage inspiration with a touch of modern sensibility. Each item carefully designed by sister duo Pookie and Louise Burch, stepdaughters to Tory Burch.

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Tsatsas equals clarity and quality in design, materials used, and the way they are treated. The German-based label takes a singular approach to luxury that is immediately perceivable; something that can be felt and seen straight away. Elegant and possessing a cutting-edge contemporary feel, the collection is modish yet stands entirely apart from fleeting trends.

Handcrafted in Germany with the greatest care and precision, each Tsatsas design serves to heighten the natural beauty and purity of leather as a material. Cut, design and proportion come together to create the clarity and simplicity of the bags, with a key focus of the design process being the search for a perfect balance of function, aesthetics and execution.

Tsatsas was established by Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas in 2012, with Dimitrios’ family having a long tradition of leather working. His father’s atelier, located in the German city of Offenbach am Main, has been producing fine leather goods for more than three decades.

Although very much influenced by traditional ways of working, Dimitrios Tsatsas soon came to find the repertoire of classical craftwork too limited. Subsequently choosing to study industrial design, he then worked as a creative director in the design field for ten years. Esther Schulze-Tsatsas studied architecture and was then, for a lengthy period, responsible for the production of major design events.

Through an intensive analysis of design, fashion and art, Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas have together developed a real feel for the design vocabulary of our times, with their designs evincing both an eye for fine detail and a sensitivity to the interaction between shape and material. With the establishment of the Tsatsas label and the decision to combine craftwork with design, the two have returned to their family roots.

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Vasic is a minimalistic handbag collection, created by Kanoko Mizuo, a former editorial hairstylist who maintains one foot in Japan and one foot in NYC.

​Upon arriving in NY from Japan in 2005, Kanoko quickly established herself as a creative entrepreneur. Through constant traveling while styling hair for some of the world's most prominent magazines and runways, she was first inspired to create a collection of candles and home scents so she could always feel at home. After the success of the scent collection Kanoko began to express herself by designing handbags; each are geometric and detailed yet infused with a natural ease. The bags are modern, clean and maintain classic elements, as a perfect dichotomy of Kanoko's Japanese attention to detail and her frenetic NYC life style.

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Vere Verto

Dallas-born and Los Angeles-based designer, street artist and wanderlust Paige Smith got the idea for VereVerto handbags while biking around San Francisco’s trolleyed and pockmarked streets. For five years she rode to work—laptop and designs in tote—dreaming up a solution to her bedeviled commute. Paige’s design philosophy is ever-present in this handbag collection—stripped down to its essentials, VereVerto designs celebrate detail, high quality materials and, most of all, vehement rejection of frills of any kind.

Fireball Argentine-American entrepreneur Consuelo Chozas knows the business of leather like the back of her hand. Prior to starting VereVerto, she owned a high-end women’s clothing and leather business. Polyglot and globetrotter, Consuelo has travelled the world over in search of ideal business partners: soft-spoken patriarchs of centuries-old tanneries in the Spanish Castilla region, metalworkers and designers in the Italian seaside, small boutique owners on Champs-Elysees. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for highest quality products is ingrained into VereVerto handbags.

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