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Lis Lareida

Lis Lareida's collection is shirt driven collection but also encompasses luxurious lifestyle pieces for the woman who combines her working life with leisure, travel and sport. Inspired initially by her love for the crisp white shirt, Lis takes great pride and care in design and workmanship of the collection. Lis Lareida's reputation is built on their uncompromising pursuit to offer an honest product defined by clean lines and sophisticated details in the finest materials.

Lis Lareida is timeless in white or understated colors, with a perfect fit and sharp look that meets the spirit of the times. 




Zurich,  Switzerland


Lis Lareida
Black Silk Ellison Shirt - size 34 + 36

$476.00 $680.00

Lis Lareida
Toffee Striped Emily Shirt - size 36

$294.00 $420.00

Lis Lareida
Olive Lenny Pant - size S + M

$115.00 $165.00

Lis Lareida
Black Emil Jacket - size 34

$312.00 $520.00